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Cyber Security Specialist, China

Apply now Job no: 501534
Brand: IT Operations & Solutions
Work type: Full time
Location: Shanghai, China
Categories: Business Support


信息安全工程师,中国 (Cyber Security Specialist)



作为网络安全专家,候选人将负责开发和改善中国办事处的安全绩效。 候选人还将被要求应用行业知识和***实践,为我们公司提供有关中国网络安全领域的更好的见解和建议。 通过卓越的FCM亚洲政策中的安全措施,协助提供安全计划并确保有效的风险管理。


· 利用集团/地区/国家/地区关键绩效指标(KPI)收集,分析和报告绩效。 执行并记录定期的操作安全审核和检查。

· 跟踪,评估和报告新出现的安全趋势和相关立法。 支持经理确保责任区符合安全标准,法规和指南。

· 通过向相关组织提供关键业务决策的建议,为业务中与安全相关的问题进行有效的风险管理。

· 支持共享实践并应用组/区域/国家标准化流程,以在相应组织内提供一致的安全支持。

· 让外部(例如客户,供应商,相关机构和其他利益相关方)和内部利益相关方参与报告,提高认知度并获得对FCM亚洲安全工作和绩效的承诺,并获得客观反馈。 与其他职能部门和业务合作伙伴合作,改进安全措施。

· 业务支持年度计划的实施以及各组织内安全目标的实施。 在自己的责任范围内审查并领导事故调查。 进行根本原因分析并就纠正措施提出建议。

· 参与和/或计划和执行与安全相关的项目。 制定和报告项目目标。 管理项目资源。

· 定期提交有关安全排名的报告

· 根据法律要求,成为中国所有与安全相关问题的联系人




As a Cyber Security Specialist, China, you will be responsible to develop and improve security performance in China offices. You will also be required to apply industry knowledge and best practises, giving our company better insights and advice on China’s cybersecurity landscape. Assist the delivery of security plans and ensure effective risk management through excellence in security measures along FCM Asia’s policies.

The Cyber Security Specialist, China duties will include the following

· Collect, analyses and reports on performance, utilizing Group/region/country key performance indicators (KPIs). Perform and documents regular operational security audits and inspections.

· Track, assesses and reports on emerging security trends and related legislation. Support manager to ensure that area of responsibility is compliant with security standards, regulations and guidelines.

· Contribute to effective risk management of security related issues in the business by providing advice on key business decisions to the respective organization.

· Support the sharing of best practices and applies Group/region/country standardized processes to deliver consistent security support within the respective organization.

· Engage external (e.g. customers, suppliers, relevant authorities and other stakeholders) and internal stakeholders to report on, raise awareness and gain commitment on FCM Asia's security efforts and performance and obtain objective feedback. Cooperate with other functions and business partners to improve security measures.

· Operational support implementation of annual plans and the implementation of security objectives within the respective organization. Review and leads incident investigations within own area of responsibility. Carries out root cause analysis and advises on corrective actions.

· Contribute to and/or plans and executes security related projects. Develops and reports on project objectives. Manage project resources.

· Deliver reporting on security standings regularly

· Be the point of contact for all Security-related issues in China as per legislation requirements


· Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Cybersecurity or Forensics

· 3 years of Work Experience in Security Function, experienced working at a cooperative level in MNCs.

· Fluent in both English and Chinese

· Fast learner and team player

· Upholds the values of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

· Travel may be required around China

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Applications close: China Standard Time

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